1. the fruit of the Brisbane quandong tree
Syn: ↑blue fig
Hypernyms: ↑fruit
2. Australian tree having hard white timber and glossy green leaves with white flowers followed by one-seeded glossy blue fruit
Hypernyms: ↑tree
Member Holonyms: ↑Elaeocarpus, ↑genus Elaeocarpus
Part Meronyms: ↑silver quandong, ↑blue fig
3. Australian tree with edible flesh and edible nutlike seed
Hypernyms: ↑tree
Member Holonyms: ↑Eucarya, ↑genus Eucarya, ↑Fusanus, ↑genus Fusanus
Part Meronyms: ↑quandang, ↑quantong, ↑native peach, ↑quandong nut
4. red Australian fruit; used for dessert or in jam
Syn: ↑quandang, ↑quantong, ↑native peach
Hypernyms: ↑edible fruit

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